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What's the difference between U disk and USB flash disk?

Nowadays, more and more mobile storage devices appear in our vision. These mobile storage devices are very small and easy to carry around. Usb flash disk is such a mobile storage device. Although the USB flash disk is very small, it can hold a lot of data, and has become an indispensable device in the hands of some business people. The original USB flash disk can only hold tens of meters of files, but now it can hold several G files. So many people believe that you do not know what the USB flash disk is. Now let's see what the USB flash disk is.


What is the USB flash disk?

Portable storage (USB Flash Disk), also known as flash disk. It is a portable portable and fashionable mobile memory which combines USB interface and Flash Memory technology. Flash memory is based on Flash Memory as the medium, so it has the advantages of multiple erases, fast speed, anti-magnetic, anti-shock, moisture-proof. Flash memory, control chip and shell are commonly included in flash memory. Flash disc adopts popular USB interface. It has a size of thumb and a weight of about 20 grams. It does not need driver and external power supply. It realizes file communication between different computers. Its storage capacity varies from 16MB to 2GB, which meets different needs.

Flash disc products are made by integrating flash memory chips and USB I/O control chips. Their product characteristics are mostly similar, but there are differences in shell design, bundling software and additional functions. There are many kinds of additional functions of flash disk, such as data encryption, system startup function, built-in E-mail transceiver software and chat tools. Flash disks are usually made of plastic or metal shells with a small printed circuit board inside, so that they can be placed in pockets or strung on neck ropes like Keyring ornaments. Only USB connectors protrude outside the protective housing and are usually covered by a small lid. Most flash drives use standard Type-A USB connectors, which allow them to be plugged directly into USB ports on personal computers.

How to use the USB flash disk?

To access the data of the flash disk, it is necessary to connect the flash disk to the computer, whether directly connected to the built-in USB controller or a USB hub. Only when inserted into the USB port, the flash disk will start, and the required power will be supplied by the USB connection. However, some flash drives (especially high-speed flash drives using the USB 2.0 standard) may require more power, so if connected to USB hubs such as keyboards or screens, these flash drives will not work unless they are directly plugged into the controller (that is, the USB port provided by the computer itself) or a USB hub with an external power supply. Some U disks are made up of drives and U disks, so they should be distinguished at the end (DOS/win32 environment). you must know how to recover deleted files from flash drive, both of this is same.

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